April 1, 2015

Someone must have made a joke 

Now that the champagne has all been drunk and my last remaining house guest has headed off up the Hume highway, I finally have a moment to post some pics of Skin’s launch party last Thursday at Readings in Carlton.

We kicked off with the dulcet tones of an actual and proper harp, played by the lovely Polly (many thanks, Pol) and followed with the vocal harmonies of Miranda’s Picnic, my singing group, which made for a very musical (and rather atmospheric) beginning, if I may say so myself.

choir sing

Then words were said by editor extraordinaire, Penny Hueston, and by the comic genius that is actor/director/writer Peter Houghton. I never thought my serious historical novel would inspire such hilarity. Then just as I was getting tummy cramps from laughing, he got all profound and emotional and I ended up crying instead.

The SKIN-launching crowd at Readings

The rest of the night was spent signing and smiling with the odd sparkling in between. Launches are lovely for first-time authors; a great affirmation after the years of solitude that novel-writing entails. But the very best thing was the faces staring back at me as I stood, knees shaking, behind the podium: family, old friends, brand-new friends, writing buddies and dog-walking buddies. Sort of like a wedding, except without the cake, seating plans, and of course, the groom.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who came along and to Text, who sure know how to do a do.